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Organize yourself & your stuff - in a colorful way!

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Welcome to fikonfabriken!

fikonfabriken key fobs

Get organized!

You'll find a large range of really practical products that will help you organize your stuff! Bags, pouches, purses & different kinds of key holders will make your life a lot easier - in a colorful way!

Find the perfect gift for young and old!

Gift ideas

At fikonfabriken you will find lots of beautiful & unique items that will make suitable gifts for young or old. We can wrap it up for you, and even send it off to the lucky recipient if time is short... Just leave us a message at check out.


Are you a knitter?

Then you should check out our "Knitters ahoy!" section. Currently you'll find different size drawstring bags, and other knitting related products are to come. 

Crocheters are also welcome...

Knitters ahoy!

Easter specials!

Happy Easter!